Oecologia Australis, Vol 5 (1998)

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The Chironomid fauna (Insecta: Diptera) in different aquatic biotopes of the Serra do Subaio (Teresópolis, RJ)



The composition and the distribution of chironomid larvae in an aquatic system of the Serra do Subaio (Mata Atlântica) were studied. The following biotopes were investigated: in the marsh, aquatic macrophytes, litter and sediment: in the darn, submerged moss, litter and sediment: waterfall rock; litter attached to stones. The Chironorninae and Tanypodinae were mainly found in depositional zones, and the Orthocladiinae were principally observed in erosional zones. Some taxa were exclusive for a substrate type such as Goeulichironomus and Zavreliella (litter in the marsh), and also Rheotanytarsus (waterfall rock). The "collectors" group were dominant into each biotope. The "shredders" were more observed in substrates with a significant presence of detritus, while "predators" occurred preferentially in depositional zones. The chironomid larvae composition and distribution beared a close relationship to current velocity, organic matter particulation and food resource supply.

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